Hi folks,

I'm on about my 6th attempt at installing an OES/Linux SP1 cluster, and
i've managed to overcome most of the issues, with the exception of this
one: as soon as i configure and start NCS, the load average of my system
goes from less than 1 to over 6 and sits there constantly.

The CPU is 95-99% idle, so it seems that the system is creating and
destroying processes constantly. I've disabled a couple of the more
probable processes (ones that occasionally appear at the top of the
utilization list in top): ndsd and owcimomd, but neither of these make
any difference. As soon as i 'rmmod cma' (the cluster management kernel
module?), the load average drops back (to about 4 instead of 6).

The system doesn't appear to be performing poorly (although it's hard to
tell without a production load on it). My hardware is:
- EMC AX100i disk array
- Dell PE SC1425 server, 1 x 3 GHz Xeon EM64T HT, 2 Gb RAM
- HP DL140 G2 server, 1 x 2.8 GHz Xeon EM64T HT, 2 Gb RAM
- HP ProCurve 5308xl switches for both front end and iSCSI VLANs

- Has anyone else seen this?
- Is it expected/normal?
- Is there anything i can do about it?
- Could constant writes to the SBD which require interaction with a
userland daemon (i.e. iSCSI) cause this?
- I'm running iSCSI over standard NICs, and my SBD is on an iSCSI
volume. Assuming an affirmative answer to the above question, should i
consider adding TOE NICs?

Thanks in advance