Hi all,

I've got a lab with two HP ProLiant ML350 servers running OES Netware
SP1(4a), NCS 1.8, each node has 2 HBAs (QLogic 2340), using .HAM that
shipped with OS. Shared storage is an IBM TotalStorage DS400 (dual
controller). The HBAs are attached directly to the storage controllers
(each node has one HBA connected to one of the dual port controllers, A &
B). The clustering services work well, several resources have been created
(GW POA,MTA), and everything fails over as it should. My questions reside
in the Multi-path failover between the HBA and controllers in the shared
storage. Should I be using the QLogic driver failover, or the native
NetWare drivers? Right now, the startup.ncf contains:


and, the Fibre HBA driver load contains:


for each adapter driver load instance.

LIST DEVICES at console shows each of the 4 controllers sees the shared

So, at this point, I thought the native NetWare MPIO failover could be
configured. However, in iManager, when any HBA adapter is selected, the
multipath button is greyed out. Pulling the fibre cable on a node connected
to shared storage controller that currently houses the array (controller A)

abends the node with:

Node Castout, fatal SAN device alert

And, at that point, all the resources fail over to the other node.

So, if anyone has ever gotten this array working correctly with MPIO (either
NetWare or QLogic drivers), I'd appreciate being steered in the right
direction. If any other information is required, be more than happy to
provide. Thanks.