We are attempting to create a shared clustered
volume on an external scsi SAN box

Two new Netware 6.5 sp4 servers being built into a cluster (still on the
Intel SE7320VP2 motherboards
Intel SRCU42X dual channels scsi controllers
4 gig of ram each

a) booting from their own local SYS drives on SCSI channel 0
b) sharing a raid array in an external StorCase SAN box on SCSI Channel 1

a) The array on the SAN box is setup correctly. Both servers see the array
with no conflict
at the scsi bios level and list the devices correctly on boot. This is
a RAID 50 array with 280 gb.
Clustering is enabled at the scsi bios level.

b) Each Netware 6.5 sp4 server boots perfectly from their own SYS drives.
each server shows the array on the scsi SAN box correctly.

c) Netware Clustering is setup correctly and working with one server failing
over to the other
depending upon startup order.

d) In NORM from both machines under Manager Server - Partition Disks, we can
see the
NSS Partition of 280 gig showing correctly

e) We can also see the partition correctly using NSSMU

But that is as far as we can get. No matter what we do, using NSSMU,
iManager, NORM or ConsoleOne, we are not able to get that shared Partition
into a POOL and set it up as a SHARED CLUSTERED VOLUME.

a) when we try to "Create Pool & Volume" through NORM nothing happens.

b) when we try to do the same under NSSMU we get error 20889

Are we missing something big? Or small? Any tips on the proper steps of
how to set up a shared clustered Netware volume on this scsi SAN box would
be very much appreciated. Happy New Year.