I'm in the process of migrating a 6.5sp4a cluster to a new cluster that
includes new server hardware and SAN. The old cluster started as a 5.1
cluster so my intent is to move the data and then recreate all the resources
and such under a new cluster object.

To save the pain of adjusting everything to point at new Virtual server
names, I'd like to re-use the naming from the old cluster resources. This is
my plan:

1) New Cluster - Create and mount new pools/volumes (same volume names as
old) from one node but don't create cluster resources.
2) Use Consolidation utility to copy from old cluster pools to matching
pools on new hardware.
3) Snapshot all setting (load/unload, etc.) from old resources.

4) Off-line and delete old resource from original cluster.
5) Cluster-enable new pool on new cluster and create resource using the
virtual server/resource name of the old (now deleted) resource. re-use same
IP and load/unload scripts.

Anyone see any issue with that? This should result in my virtual servernames
and volumes looking the same from the client side correct?

Other questions:
NDPS/iPrint - Since NDPS is already clustered, once I migrate the data and
recreate the resource, I should be able to just load the existing
manager/broker on the new cluster correct?

When I delete the old resource and re-create it on the new cluster with the
same name, will path setting in objects such as Directory Maps, or user home
directory locations need to be reset as well? In other words, will deleting
the resource result in those paths being removed from the object.

Anything else I'm missing?