We have a 4 node NW 6.0 cluster and we like to upgrade to NW6.5 SP5 NCS 1.7

We wont to perform a Rolling Cluster Upgrade from Netware 6.0 to Netware 6.5
as described in the Novell Cluster service guide page 21.

We don't understand the fist step: "Install Netware 6.5 Cluster Server
Licenses on your Netware 6 cluster servers using iManger prior to upgrade
them to Netware 6.5."

We see no button or something else to upgrade a server. We have an unlimited
cluster 1.7 licence witch is already used for an other 4 node cluster.
Cluster licence is in Console1 but how can we put a licence on a SERVER.

Maybe a stupid question but we really do not understand the first step.

Please help.

Thanks in advance,

Aalbrecht Jobsen

Hogeschool Zeeland


The Netherlands