What is the best way to rebuild a 2 servers in the cluster?

I currently have a 4 node cluster...2 of them are file and print servers and the other 2 are going to be mail servers. We have successfully implemented the 2 data servers but we haven't implemented the 2 mail servers.

I have to rebuild the 2 mail servers so we can get them ready for clustering since they had problems the first time.

I was thinking that since there are already cluster objects for the 2 servers and they are in our production tree that it would be best to do a the hardware upgrade process. I would have them do a cluster leave backup the HWD$ file and rebuild the server, remove DS and restore it after a hardware upgrade. Would this be ok to do?

Then I would install Cluster Services again and and point it to the original cluster object.

Any help or suggestions of other ways to get this done would be great..