I have just set up my first pair of Suse servers. By the way what should I
call it? Suse, Linux, OES?

I have my pair of Suse servers in their own tree with shared SAN storage,
SLP appears to be working and even though I pointed both servers to my main
NTP server the clock on the KDE desktop is till 35 minutes out. What's the
equivelant to DSRepair/Time Sync? I need to sort this out before going any

Anyhoo my actual question is how do I now setup a cluster?
When I installed the servers I selected Novell Cluster Services but opted to
leave it unconfigured as there was no shared diskspace assigned at the time.
IManager lets me manage a cluster but not create one so where do I do it
Under Netware I always just ran the deployment manager and went from there,
peace of cake.

Obviously I'm a complete Linux novice. My brief collisions with Linux over
the years have always been painful so the way Novell is heading fills me

Ta in advance