We have a NCS1.6 cluster with 3 NW6 nodes ITS01,ITS02 & ITS03 that I am
in the process of applying NW6SP5. Two nodes are done and when I tried to
move a resource from the remaining node ITS02 to ITS03 it goes comatose
with messages:
NSS<COMM>-3.05-690: commPool.c[1489], Pool ITSC02 not found.
To see a list of pools type NSS /pools
CLUSTER-<WARNING>-<10264>: CRM: Error executing load script for
ITSC02_SERVER failed on command line 2 "mount DATA2 VOLID=253"
CLUSTER-<INFO>-<211>: WSASetService<> failed, error = -1, 10109

But this comatose resource can be mounted on node ITS01.

There was an unexpected power glitch some days before these symptoms came
up. But if the NSS pool is corrupt I would have expected it not to mount
on any node.

When an NDPS resource is migrated it shuts down the PA's and then goes
comatose and has to be manually mounted on ITS01.
The SAN hardware (SAN, fibre switch) has been checked out by the vendor's
engineer and their logs do not show anything untowards.
Has anyone come across similar symptoms ?
Thanks in advance,