We currently have a 3 node NW6.5 cluster for File & Print attached to a EMC
cx500. Iím looking at BC & DR options, and its been decided to put another
EMC cx500 in our second site. The connection will be a 1gb link, and the
plan is to use SAN copy to replicate the data from our primary > secondary.
This covers the data but Iím unsure on what to do regarding servers.

One option was to have a single server in our BC site pointing to the
second SAN. To failover we would need to mount the volume on the second
SAN, change users login scripts to point to the new server, have them
logoff/on, and move NDPS DB. All this seems a bit messy. Is there a way
to have this BC server up, pointing to the second SAN and have it take over
the primary role (when I decide to) which would then be transparent to the
users. I know Novell have a product Business Continuity Server, but was
not looking to spend the cash on this at present. Iím not sure if the
product would do it anyway

I would be interested to here from anyone with Ideas, or done anything
similar to what Iím trying?