Hi, hope this is the right forum for this, apologies if not.

I have a 2 node NW65PS4 cluster hooked by fibre through redundant
switches to a HP SAN. The SAN is connected by fibre to a HP tape changer.

Trouble is neither node can see the tape device, I tried loading CA
ArcServe with no joy because no tape device is found, and then confirmed
by running up SBCON that NetWare cannot see the tape device.

I'm assuming it's a driver switch of some sort that I need to apply to
enable NetWare to see the tape driver further down the fibre path..?
There are teamed cards running the QL2300 driver, I have tried /ALLPATHS
statements but this actually knocks out the SAN connection and abends the
other node.

Any advice or tips on whether the connectivity is correct or on load
statements would be appreciated.