First cluster for us, sorry for the green question.

2 servers, NW65SP5 with a LeftHandNetworks iscsi san behind them. I have
the cluster object created and tied to the two servers, I need to get to the
properties of the cluster object to manage the media. If I right click on
the cluster object, properties, I don't see the Media tab. If I use the
'blue life preserver" button I get the following error:

"Unable to manage server rkkbb. The ConsoleOne storage snapin is designed
to run with NetWare 6 and later. You can only run this snapin if you are
the Admin user or have Admin equivalence. Either theis server is not
running a compatible version of NetWare, you do not have sufficient rights,
or there is a communication problem preventing access to the server
management files."

I am logged in as the admin, I am on the same subnet ( actually two separate
paths should be available I think, one through the normal NIC and one
through the SAN NIC ).

My guess is I don't have the right snapin. Help, About Snapins, Novell
Cluster Services, gives me version 1.8.