We have two-node cluster as follow:NW6.5 SP4a with GW 6.5 SP2.

We want to decommission the existing non cluster GW server (NW 5.5 SP 6
and GW 6.5 No SP).
It has a primary domain, a post office, an MTA, a GWIA
(GWIA is still on 5.5!!) and a Webaccess. I will call this primary
domain "A"

Someone has done some preparation on the cluster already. A secondary
domain and post office have been created. A number of users have been
moved to the secondary post office. I will call this secondary
domain "B". The domain B was installed on a cluster-shared volume. MTA
and PA are loaded in their address spaces.

I would like to move GWIA to the cluster too. I read that I should
create a secondary Domain to host GWIA and its own MTA. I will call this
secondary domain "GWIA DOMAIN". The GWIA DOMAIN was installed on another
cluster-shared volume.

I created GWIA DOMAIN but the GW Interoperability guide from Novell page
70 asks that:

1. from grpwise.ncf transfer to LOAD Script:

load volume:\system\gwmta.nlm @domain.mta
and add
delay 10

2. from gwia.ncf transfer to LOAD Script:

load volume:\system\gwia.nlm @gwia.cfg

3. load address space commands for MTA and GWIA to LOAD Script.

The problem is I couldn't find gwia.ncf, gwmta.nlm and other nlm for the
mta in this GWIA DOMAIN on its system folder.


On the creation of the secondary domain should those files be copied by
the installation to the system folder of this GWIA DOMAIN.

I looked in sytem folder belongs to Domain B, I found those files and
their others! but not in GWIA DOMAIN!!!

I deleted and reinstalled this GWIA DOMAIN a few time in the test
environment. I still could not find those files in its own system folder?

Help pls! Thanks.