We have just added some disks to our existing RAID Group within the SAN and
are considering the best way to put the additional space through to our
NW65 cluster.
The SAN is Dell/EMC CX500 and the options we believe we have are:
a) Create a new LUN and add it to the storage group - NetWare servers will
see the LUN a new device
b) Expand the existing 'device' (concatenated expansion - create new LUN
and expand existing LUN to create Meta LUN with same ID and signature as
existing LUN)

Ideally we'd like to expand, seeing as the physical disks, etc. are in the
same RAID Group, etc. but we are unsure how good the NetWare Media Manager
is at handling the device size change.... Anyone with experience of this?
The last time I tried a dynamic expansion I could get the nodes to see the
expanded space, but got multiple abends when we tried to create partitions
If need be we can take all nodes down, so that we have no issues with MM
cacched info, etc.
We currently use NW65SP3, but are planning to implement NW65SP5 anytime
soon... Any thoughts here on capabilities of media manager and nss device

All comments and suggestions welcome!