I have a cluster volume that seems to operate at a slow speed. I am not
sure whether it is windows or the cluster. There is a mapped drive (m:)
to the 'USERS' volume. Within this volume are the years - 00, 01, 02, 03,
04. If I click within my computer on the '04' it can take upto 15
seconds to show the 550 folders, which are the students names. If I goto
command prompt within windows xp sp2 and type cd m:\students\04 and 'dir'
it takes less than a second to start listing the folders. This type of
speed within windows is what I would like as if students come in with
issues and you have to go to their directory they can end up waiting a

I am running NW 6.5 SP4a, HP MSA1000 cluster connected by Fibre to the NW
server. This problem has always been present the NW servers were created.

Any guidance, help etc... with this problem would be greatly appreciated.