I have 2 node NW6.5 SP3 Cluster.

for some reason, without making any changes, the remote manager page on the first server https://servername:8009 doesn't display any images...

If I look at the properties of some of the images missing, it refers to (https://servername/sys/login/new_portal_header.gif)
This has worked fine for a long time.

When I finally login to NRM (I can only tab down to the login and enter my credentials and hit enter .. the login button doens't work) the formattinginside is all messed up as well, and the images are missing as well.
I can get to iMANAGER, and that page looks fine, and the post login pages look fine.

I checked the other Netware 6.5SP3 server which works fine, and the path to the images etc is the same on the login page

I reloaded Portal - nothing - restarted the server - same problem.

any ideas?