We have a 3 node NW6.5sp3a cluster. Have 2x Qlogic 2300 fibre (2gb) HBAs
with Securepath running.

The SAN is HP MSA1000 with latest f/w. We have 3 SANS.

Everything seems to run OK under normal loads.

During a large data copy from SAN1 to SAN2, volume access seems to be a real

Just by going to windows explorer and browsing the volume, things are at a

Just for fun, I ran the same test on an external SCSI disk that is attached
between two cluster nodes.

The SCSI disk access did not slow down while the copy was taking place. The
problem appears to be with the SAN somehow.

We also run Windows2003 LUNs in the same SAN that appear fine and don't have
this sluggish state during a copy.

Anyone else experience such a thing? It doesn't matter which NW node we
use - they all experience the same behaviour.