Is there anyone out there using NetBackup (Veritas) to backup a NetWare
cluster to a SCSI-attached (fibre channel) tape drive?

We're currently testing this with the Media Server and NDMP (apparently
the only way to backup the SAN to the tape unit via the fibre-channel
since Veritas doesn't support backing up directly from SAN to tape with
a Xiotech Magnitude).

The problems we're running into is that it seems NetBackup isn't very
good with NetWare clusters.


Cluster "awareness" (backup virtual server/virtual nodes) is an issue.
We finally got it to backup the "correct" way (kludgy workaround is that
you have to edit the hosts file on every server and literally put in
entries for all the virtual node/volumes--DNS apparently isn't good
enough for it).

Cluster failover (non-existent at this point, but we're trying)

Cluster RESTORES (ironically it can backup a virtual server/volume, but
when it restores, it tries to restore to the physical NCP server and