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> I'm sadly not the bearer of glad tidings :-/
> I client of mine installed netbackup last October, they ended up with the
> European VP on site with his senior technical team... And they ended up
> refunding the money and removing their software.
> The client is now using Backup Express and Dell (the hardware supplier) is so
> impressed with the product they are in negotiation to use it as the default
> backup solution for all NW sites.
> Sorry...
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Wait until they switch to Linux and have sparse files. Backup Express
does not support backup of sparse files on Linux/unix/Solaris. Their
only "workaround" is you have to purchase (at a substantial cost), their
"imaging" option. However, if you use Veritas Volume Manager (which
many Unix/Solaris shops DO use), then the imaging option/software is not
compatible with it.

Numerous complaints to them about this issue have fallen on deaf ears
(SyncSort that is). So, beware if you have sparse files on Linx/Unix.
(Ironically Veritas can handle sparse files just fine on these