Iím having trouble with the volume objects that are created when I cluster
enable them.

I have a 2 node cluster. Server1 & Server2. Cluster is called Cluster1.
I have 3 volumes created. Data, Data_backup & Apps.
This creates 3 volume objects Cluster1_Data, Cluster_backup &
Cluster1_Apps. I can map to these volumes with no problems, but am unable
to browse 2 of these volumes through NWADMIN or C1. Iíve tried deleting
the volume/pool/partition and recreating. Recreating the EDir objects, but
get the same results. The error I get 0:0x8884, which seems to suggest
maybe SLP. But Iíve checked this and its working correctly.

I need to browse the objects to allow me to setup NDPS on the shared volume.

I was going to try to delete remove the cluster and recreate it, but Iím
unable to delete 1 of the objects inside the Cluster1 object. ďBACKUP_SERVERĒ

Anyone got any ideas???