Hi All,

I am in the process to install a 2 nodes cluster over 2 san(HP MSA1500)
to replace 2 NW6SP5 servers MAST & SLAV (same tree) by OES Linux SP2.
eDIr is

MAST hold
Pool APPS - Vol DATA
Pool CAD - Vol CADUN
- Vol APPS

SLAV hold
Pool APPS - Vol DATA
Pool CAD - Vol CADUN
- Vol APPS

Vol Data & Apps on MAST are the administration's prodution volumes that
are sync to SLAV and Vol CADUN on SLAV is the engineer's prodution
volume that is sync to MAST by Night.
We use sync center from NPSH to create some sort of "disaster recovry"
and "load balancing".

SAN1 will be mirrored on SAN2 (different location). It will be a
software mirroring. Each node of the cluster will have 2 HBA's conected
to the 2 SAN.

Where are planning to create 3 pools (APPSPoll,CADPool & DATAPool) that
will hold a single volume (APPS,CAD & DATA).

The question is :
is it possible to do failover from node 1 pool APPS & DATA to node 2 and
from node 2 pool CAD to node 1 in a single cluster or do i need to
create a second cluster ?

Just to make sure, are all pools needing a differnet IP or could i use
the virtual serveur ip ?

Thanks all