We are building a new Netware 6.5 sp4 cluster on 2 servers (a & b). Both
machines can see the shared scsi partition on a SAN when we "List Devices"

The Cluster services seem to install fine on both. The b_machine starts the
cluster services fine, it displays the Cluster Info stating that b_machine
is up.

But near the end of the install we get errors on the a_ machine as follows:
Clustering failed to load its configuration
Please wait while NDS synchronizes
Type '1' to quit waiting.

It does this for about 3-4 times but cluster never starts on this a_machine.

We have failed many times, attempting to solve the problem by looking for
objects in NDS which may be a problem, and pre-creating the shared VOL1 on
the SAN to various degrees.

We see others in this thread have had this problem but we have not been able
to deduce the solution from following posts.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. We are out of ideas!