I have a six node cluster, and I will state up front that I am in the
process of upgrading from Netware 6.5sp3 to sp5, I have nodes "5" and "6"
at SP5, and 1-4 are still sp3 (till I get to the next negotiated outage).

However, resouces will not Migrate from my cluster node "6" to any other
node now, yesterday I could migrate a test resource from "1" to "6" (the
reverse direction).

In the event log, it actaully says "Administrative Migrate to Node5",
when I try a migrate, but nothing actually happens.

I am now left wondering one of two things , do I have an issue that needs
to be solved, or is this the result of mixed service packs (for which I
will have to wait another week and a half to find out)

Any suggestions please ?