Dear All,

I am using NW6 SP2 for two nodes cluster (Because we are using EMC ATF for
HBA multi-path, but it doesn't support new SP). We have two cluster enabled
volume VOL1 and VOL2, the preferred mount server for VOL1 and VOL2 is Server
A and Server B respectively. We have used this setting for around three
years, but recently the EMC SAN has down and need to replace the controller,
after the SAN restarted VOL2 can't mount on Server B, but not problem to
mount on Server A. I have checked all the FC Switch zoning and SAN
configuration is same as before, and also found the partition for VOL2 is
viewable in Sever B, however VOL2 still missing in nss pool in Server B. If
I try to migrate VOL2 from Server A to Server B in ConsoleOne the comatose
error was appeared.

Now we are mounted both VOL1 and VOL2 to Server A for user access. Do you
have any suggest to fix this problem?


S. T. Wong