Hello everyone,
I have a new problem. I have an existing cluster with cluster resource
volumes created previously that work fine and migrate fine without
breaking user mappings. But the newest and latest created cluster
resource volumes on this same cluster with the older cluster resource
volumes only seem to work best on the node they were created on. When I
migrate these new cluster resource volumes to other nodes, the user
mappings break. I also notice, as a symptom of the problem, that if in
NWADMIN or ConsoleOne, if these new cluster resource volumes are on the
node they were created on, I can open the volumes in NWADMIN or ConsoleOne
and see the files and dirs. But if I migrate these newly created cluster
resource volumes to remaining cluster nodes, I get errors when trying to
open the volumes to view files/dirs in NWADMIN/ConsoleOne. I have removed
all replicas from the problem cluster nodes all the way down to the good
node having the only replica in the tree, and then re-added the root
replica to the problem cluster nodes, but no avail. I also followed the
DSREPAIR -XK3, Edir Back-Linking, SYNCGUID, and NSS /VisibilityRebuild-
VolName listed in TID# 10096378 and other TID's. Does anyone have any
suggestions, or do I have to call Novell Technical Support?

PS. If it helps, I did MERGE all my Edir partitions (4) into a single
root partition right after I completed the Novell Consolidation Utility of
moving these new cluster resource volumes data from the old single servers
to the cluster volumes. But when I look at the OTHER tab of these newly
created Cluster Resource Volume Pool objects, the HOST SERVER and Volume
name look correct for the Virtual Server listed.