Hi there,

I am working on a site relocation project where we have multiple NetWare
5.1 servers at the current site and we are moving to a new site where
they will be replaced with a NetWare 6.5 cluster.

The NetWare 5.1 servers have the data volumes sitting on a SAN (about
2TB) and we were thinking to use the SAN hardware to mirror the LUNs
between the two sites. Doing a data copy will take far too long and
require too much administration.

Once we mirror to the new site and are ready to migrate the servers we
would then shutdown the NetWare 5.1 servers (although we would do this
one server at a time), break the mirror and present the mirrored LUN to
the NetWare 6.5 cluster.

The question that I have is that the volume would have previously been
NetWare 5.1 NSS and would have been associated in eDirectory with the
NetWare 5.1 server as well as the Trustee and Attribute assignments that
would have been created.

Therefore, I think that if we perform the NSS /ZLSSUPGRADEVOLUME=<volume
name> this will perform the volume upgrade.

We will also need to use NSSMU to convert the volume to cluster enabled.

The only piece that is hazy is around the eDirectory volume objects -
should we just delete those in eDir and import them back in and how will
trustee and directory attribute assignments be affected?