I am consolidating five Netware OES's into a three node Netware OES
cluster and would like some hardware suggestions for the new servers.

The new cluster will run Netware OESsp2 with ZfD7.0, NDPS, iFolder, VO,
and regular client file services for 250 users.

The servers that I am looking to purchase are Dell Power Edge 1850's with
dual Intel Xeon Dual Core processors and 6GB RAM. However, I am not sure
if iFolder and/or VO services will actually take advantage of the two dual
core Xeon processors.

My existing OES servers have two Xeon 2.2GHz CPUs and invariable
processor's 1 utilization is at < 2 per cent (Am I doing something wrong
or not doing something at all?).

Also, is memory over 4GB still an "issue" with the new 64-bit Xeon
processors? Previous Intel 32-bit CPU's could only see 4GB and the rest
was handled through a CPU mapping function; and memory over 4GB was for
the exclusive use of user memory space. Is that still the case?

Sorry for the long post, I'm just trying to justify my spending to my boss.

Thank you in advance for your input and have a great day.
-Carl M.