After studying the documentation for the GroupWise 7.0 clustering environment, I've tried to make a setup in a VMWare environment with iSCSI-connection to an NetWare 6.5 iSCSI target!

This test setup leave's me with a lot of questions... hopefully someones got a lot of answers ;o)

As default the NSS volumes on a OES box will be placed in the /media/nss/<NSS-VOLNAME>... of this fact come's following questions:
a.. As far as I'm told, the best way to administrate GW 7.0 on linux - is by using the ConsoleOne on the Linux it self... shall i make my mount point in the Consoleone to /media/nss - the location of my shared cluster volumes... or should I point it to my ordinary mount point /mnt?
b.. Another thing... I've found severals TID's stating that the path to the GW agents should be kept in lower cases only to avoid problems... only one problem - all NSS volumes are mounted in uppercases, so what to do? should I make a ncpfs mount point like /mnt/<nss-volname>? and if so, how do I fit this in my load/unload script for the clusterresource?
Another thing... I've created a cluster resource called GWSOFTWARE - and the idea is to make this my software mount point, but:
a.. How am I supposed to access this from an another node?? how can I make my linux box/gw system understand an UNC path like \\TESTCLUSTER_GWSOFTWARE_SERVER\GWSOFTWARE\grpwise \software?
Which leads me to my final problem... the documentation states that real UNC paths are required..:
a.. I've tried something like \\TESTCLUSTER_GWSOFTWARE_SERVER\GWMTA\grpwise\dom - but I can't seem to make this functions at all
b.. I also tried to make a ordinary linux path like /media/nss/GWMTA/grpwise/dom... but every time I migrate the resources eg. from testnode1 to testnode2 - and I try to administrate the object in ConsoleOne... then the properties has changed to /mnt/testnode1/media/nss/GWMTA/grpwise/dom... so how to fill out this UNC path?
c.. Another thing in a NetWare cluster you would normally use the virtual servername to point to the homedir in the agents conf filer... what about on the linux? as default it uses the /mnt/media/nss/gwmta/dom for the MTA... what to do?
Sorry for all my questions... but I'm rather new to Linux, and my knowledge is clearly based on Novell services on NetWare!