Hi all,

I have recently put into production a OES/NetWare (SP4a) cluster solution
for our environment. Clustered resources are GW 7 PO's, POA, Primary
Domain, Seconday Domain, WebAccess, GWIA, and some NSS volumes (Home dir.,
Departmental Shares, etc.). Storage is fibre attached, IP backbone.
Backing up data to a HP StorageWorks vs80 1/8 autoloader SCSI attached to
one of the cluster nodes.

We're currently using Veritas Backup Exec (9.1.something), and I'm looking
to switch backup software for something else. Does anyone here use
Syncsort's Backup Express for their clusters? If so, I'd appreciate any
feedback, good or bad, you can provide. Also, if anyone is using other
backup software for thier OES/NetWare clusters, and are pleased with it,
please let me know. Thanks in advance.