We're running a 3 node Netware 6.5SP3. One of the servers need to be
replaced. I'm trying to figure out the best approach to do this.

For our stand alone servers, we've generally installed netware on a new
server in it's own tree and patched to the appropriate SP and eDir
levels. We'll then run a hardware upgrade on the old server, power
down, change IP on new hardware and install the eDirectory backup.

This allows us to keep the same server name/ip/etc.

Is this still the best approach when in a cluster? I was planning on
building a new server, then migrating resources off the server to be
replaced issue a hardware upgrade in NWConfig, and then just bring in
the new one.

Basically the goal is to not have any end users notice, however, if a
better approach requires changing the server name and IP, we are open to

I appreciate any input,