We have 3 nodes in our cluster (NW 6.5) and we recently had to install
Netshield on one of the nodes, and soon on all nodes. The problem we are
experiencing is that Netshield has a tendency to make the cpu runniing at
almost 100%, which then somtimes abend that particular node. What I want to
do is to include another node, to make the cluster 4 nodes, and to have
that 4th node scanning the other nodes resources. In other words I do not
want to install Netshild on all nodes. I have only fond that Netshield can
scan the resources on the node that owns those particular resourses. Is
this true? Or is it possible to have a node that can scan all nodes i a
cluster even if the resources aren't on that node that has Netshiled

Any hints or help very much appriciated