This is a 2-node NW6.0 cluster with an external SCSI hard drive, and
servers using AHA-2940 Ultra/Ultra W cards.
When servers boot, right after loading the AHA2940.ham driver, they hang
at next line:
Interrupt assignment:10 (Device driver is Hin Aware

I check scsi id settings in one server's utilities and card is set to ID
6, and HDrive is set to ID 3.

I cannot get into the SCSI utilites for the second server, when I press
Ctrl+A it hangs and does not go into utilties. When I originally set
them up I set the card to ID 7 on this server and have not changed it so I
assume it's still ID 7.

Need advice on how to proceed,, I've rebooted a few times, and each time
it hangs. First it was hanging on "searching for SBD partition", now its
hanging on the interrupt assignment:10, etc.

What can be the problem? card on second server? HDrive?

If HDrive has crash, what do I need to do first before replacing the
harddrive? Uninstall cluster? reinstall cluster to recreate the SBD

Appreciate advice.