In one of Novell documentations it states "Novell has integrated DNS
into eDirectory by extending the eDirectory schema and creating new
eDirectory objects to represent zones, resource records, and DNS name
servers. Integrating these new objects into eDirectory simplifies the
administration of DNS, enabling centralized administration and

Now in the OES documentation, it states "To properly configure DNS with
Novell Cluster Services, the DNS server must be configured with a
cluster-enabled pool (virtual server)"

Question: Did Novell change the DNS to not use eDir anymore? Before
hand using eDir, you could create a clustered DNS resourse (only primary
DNS running, no secondary) which would start and stop just 'named' on
whichever cluster server because, as stated above, all the DNS
information/records were in eDir. So long as named was started/stopped
on a clustered server that had a replia.