I have two separate clusters, one five node, and one four node.
Discovering that a momentary LAN problem or rebooting a switch can abend
the cluster nodes made me want to distribute each nodes dual NIC's to have
each NIC connected to a different switch for added Fault-Tolerance. So
here's my scenario:
Dell 2850's (with Intel CE1000 Nics using Novell's LB/FT CE1000 driver)
I have followed TID# 10072189 but still have questions not covered. One
of my switches has 100Mbit/Full Duplex ports, and the other switch is
1000Mbit/Full Duplex ports. Would I turn off Load Balancing (LB)
completely because of the different speed links for best
performance/reliability and use Fault-Tolerance (FT) only? I understand
to set the "Primary Interface" for LB/FT on the faster 1000Mbit link. Are
there any other concerns? I was hoping to avoid the extra work of
deploying IANS NIC Teaming drivers, and just use the Novell CE1000
drivers. Any other things I should consider?