On a fresh NW 6.5.5 Two node cluster
(clustered after upgrade from NW 5.1.8)

I'm following TID10027333 with the following convention which I've used
before on older version of NCS
map l:=.Clustername_volumename.context

as the login script runs the mappings look correct, but after when we
look via My Computer or Windows Exploder/Explorer, some but not all of
the mappings now show as being to the \\server\volume with the server
being the node the volume was created on even if the volume happens to
be running on the other node even at time of PC login.

I am thinking of using the CVSBIND approach as a work around, but
don't like doing it for that reason, as that may not resolve the issue

Side note/observation: Now that the full path is a bit longer for the
mappings that are working properly, we are finding those users who
don't believe in limits, i.e. That file/dir names can be ANY length.
Symptoms of over long file names (total path+file name over 256
character) are an inability to open the files or properly see their
properties. Work around is to map a temp map to \\server\volume to
then rename the files to something shorter (i.e. Less than 100
characters in length, ga endabusers)

Andy Konecny
Ainsworth Inc. in Toronto
[sometimes being certifiable is more fun than being certified :]