Hello - I have a NW6 sp5 3 node cluster. I have a 10gb lun that has 1
partition, 1 pool, 1 volume on it. I wanted to test expanding so I added
1gb to the physical Lun via my SAN mgmt tool. Then went into C1, disk
mgmt, devices, scanned for devices and refresh and I could see the 1gb
unpartitioned space. I then went to the Pools tab and said Increase Size -
selected the 1 gb said yes to the message to Mirror/Hotfix and then got a
System Data I/O error 20204 and the pool deactivated.

From what I've read I should be able to add space to the pool/and thus the
volume without offlining the resource. Any ideas what I did wrong?
Should I have used NRM?