We've had a cluster up for approx 2.6 years. NetWare 6, SP. running cluster
version 1.60.4.

We set it up in our immaturity and it's never really worked correctly for
failover of NDPS, GroupWise, logins etc.

We've never really been able to do much due to it being our main production
server, the typical reasons. We now have a new SAN installed and have
opportunity to move from a shared SCSI setup to the SAN for our NetWare
cluster. But we don't want to just add volumes to this troublesome cluster,
we want to re-do the cluster correctly so failover works correctly and we
can add more servers for a true clustered environment.

So, is there a method for removing cluster services without losing the
volumes, operating in a non clustered environment until we get the SAN
setup, then setting up a new cluster, correctly, and transferring the data?
I'm looking for a TID or white paper on the removal process if possible.