Hey Folks...

I am running a 2 Nnode NW6.5 sp5 Cluster with NCS 1.8.2

I am trying to install a new server into this cluister. I have a third
cluster licence available for this.

I run Nwdeploy from Windows, then the cluster stuff, then selct to Add a new
node to an existing cluster.

On the next screen I selct my cluster from the tree and click next. The
install tries to access Node1 and gives the error "Connection to the Server
was Dropped or Timed Out".

It then tries to connect to the other Node and gives the same error,
followed by "At Least on server in the cluster must be operational to add
additional nodes".

Now both servers are running and Cluster services are running fine.

Hence I cannot see why I can't add another Node2.

Anyone any ideas???????