Hey you peski kids....

Now I know this may sound odd but I'm in the process of splitting up our
applications and data from one 2 node cluster into 2 x 2 Node clusters. I'm
swapping in new hardware into the existing cluster, then the older hardware,
I'm pulling out, rebuilding and creating a new cluster with, which I'm gonna
migrate a few virtual servers onto.

Now, one of the things I'm migrating is NPDS, and it would be good if I
could have both clusters in place at one, but still with one of the old
nodes in the original cluster. Because of this, what I am thinking is I set
up the second cluster with just one node initially, migrate and test NDPS to
make sure it works, then add in the second Node2.

So my question is, can you create a cluster with just one Node?

FYI... running NCS 1.8