We are suddenly experiencing a strange problem in that our 3 Netware 6.5
SP4 server cluster is unable to see our Raidtec SAN if they are booted up
after our W2K Server. They all just sit there searching for the SPD. We
have to power off all servers, the 2 Vixel switches and the SAN. Then
turn on the SAN, vixel switches, then Netware servers, wait for them to
cluster themselves, then turn on the W2K server for it to see the SAN
also. If, for whatever reason we have to reboot one of the Netware
servers, then the W2K server will either crash or lose connection, and
upon reboot, cannot access the SAN! Again, we have to power everything
off and boot up the SAN, Vixel Switches, then Netware servers and finally
the W2K server. All 3 Netware servers are plugged into 1 Vixel switch and
the W2K server is plugged into the other so we don't need zoning setup.
We replaced all existing fibre cables with brand new 62.5U cables but
still the problem exists.

Anyone any idea where the finger of suspicion could be here as none of our
suppliers have any idea either???