Hi All,

OES Netware6.5 SP5, NCS 1.8.0

Is there a way to force a server to automatically reboot when it detects an
instance of an application (apache) has failed.

The scenario is: I have a two node cluster providing
FileAccess(SANbased)/NetStorage/Virtual Office services to my users.
I have always had issues with memory leaks in NW6.5 that forces me to reboot
the server due to getting the 'Page cannot be displayed' error when users
try browsing to the Virtual Office page. However, this problem does not
abend the server.

The server console displays:

Cache memory allocator out of memory

Short term memory allocator is out of memory.
1 attempts to get more memory failed.
request size in bytes 63963144 from module JAVA.NLM

So rather than waiting to hear from users that 'The system is broken!' or
what ever term they chose to use at that time,
I want to configure the two node cluster to detect when either (the server
is out of memory) or (the virtual office instance of apache/tomcat has
failed) & to initiate a reboot, this will then make the other cluster node
Active and continue to provide virtual office access (transparent to users).

So, my question is:
-How to configure a Netware (server/cluster) to detect that virtual office
has failed (e.g. The page cannot be displayed/Out of memory console
-How to force a reboot of the problemed active cluster node, so that the
passive cluster node becomes the active cluster node?

Hope this makes sense.