Hi All!

After test on test network, was thinking about moving 2-node production
cluster to NW65 SP5 from SP3. Shared volume on SAN and iprint clustered.

The procedure I'm using:
1) migrate off 1st node (if hosting)
2) Cluster leave 1st node then uldncs
3) run SP5
4) restart
5) migrate back
6) cluster leave second node then uldncs
7) upgrade second node
8) restart
9) update iprint/apache files on cluster volume

Is anything missing? Should we go to 5 now? (Last I heard here was go to 4
and wait). Should I NSS rebuild?


PS I have Iscsi in my test environment and ION.ncf was also overwritten
with SP5. Need to re-add the init line for the targets.