I wanted to move cluster ressources from one node to another.
The destination server abended with a
Node castout, fatal SAN read error Running Process: SBD Write Node
Tick Thread Code executing in module CLSTRLIB.NLM
This happens when moving the NDPS ressource and it sounds to me like
while mounting the volume, load the NDPS-Manager with 130 printers and
loading the broker with the driver database the server doesn´t send
the packet to the sbd-partition fast enough.
The parameters for the heartbeat and watchdog packets are as default:
heartbeat 1
tolerance 8
master watchdog 1
slave watchdog 8
retansmits 30

What parameter has to be changed to make it work or what are
recommended parameter settings?
Can there be another problem?
It´s a NW 6.5 SP2 (I know I should update, but want to wait for SP6)
two node cluster.

Thanks in advance.