Hi All,

I have a two node cluster (OESnw65 SP5 FileAccess, iFolder, Netstorage,
NCS). I wont to install a third server (OESsles SP2, GW7) into the TREE(not
the cluster). What should I point the GW7 sles server to in terms of Master
DS & Time server?
(srv1, srv2 or cluster1?)

two node cluster:
srv1 - - Master DS, Time Server, CA
srv2 - - Secondary DS
cluster1 - - master cluster resource

GW7 server:
mailsrv - - GW7

PS: Also, what happens to the Master DS, Time Server, CA, when 'srv1' fails
and the second server 'srv2' in the cluster takes over? What I mean is does
'srv2' become the Master DS? the Master Time server? CA server? If not,
should I be doing something different with 'srv2'?