I have two IBM x346 servers and an EXP400. I've tried many Serveraid
cards (Serveraid 6M, 4L and 4M). On my server A, I configured my arrays,
but my server B can't see them. I set all the jumpers and switches to
have a single array of 13 disks. Server A is connected to the right port
and server B, to the left one.

I shared my logical drives (using Serveraid Manager), but nothing to do.
My firmwares are up-to-date. I browsed the knowledgebase of the Novell's
website and tried many things, but there's nothing to do.

I installed the NCS on my server and created my cluster. Both nodes are
up, but I can't access my storage device from them.

I wonder if you could help me a bit by telling me how you used to
configure my storage device.