Just thinking out loud..

We've got a 2 server cluster running, everythings fine and "nice",,
except the fact that it's been running so well for so long that
expanding the existing setup is not an option,

So,, my basic idea is to backup all data from the cluster,
mainly devided into 2 "volumes" each on a seperate logical drive in
the external raid. 1 runs GW, 1 runs dhcp and fileserver.

So,, full backup off all this,, maybe an extra backup of the trustess
with trustmig or something..
Then redoing the cluster install to the new external raid,
choosing the same naming,etc as before, and then simply restore all
files again..

Some extra's off course has to be done such as copying the cluster
load and unloads scripts..,

But,, basicly this is my idea...,, So,, just checking,, anyone see any
big obstacles in this approach..??,,
Or maybe,, am I missing something obvious..?