I have a mystery netware server showing up when I browse the network in
network neighborhood, netware servers. This server just started showing up
or I just noticed it. The clustered environment has been up for months.

There is a cluster in the enviornment:

Server1 Physical1
Server2 Physical2
Server3 <virtual server>
cluster <New virtual server>

38 is the cluster ip for the virtual server and there is an object in
37 is the cluster ip for the cluster object, no server associated.

Also in DNS, there are lots of pointers to "cluster", but they all
eventually point to .38.

PTR record
cluster ->
server3 -> cluster.lan.net

Shouldn't DNS be configured so that:
PTR record
server3 ->
cluster -> <deleted>
cluster ->

You can connnect to "cluster" as if it is a server and access resources,
but then you cannot access server3 (The proper one.)

My question is, Is this proper for this cluster object to show up as a
server? Also how should DNS be configured to function with the only
virtual server .38

Thanks for the help.