In the Netware client there exists:

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Setting Name: Cluster Connection Validation Interval
Logical Value Type: Number
Range From: 0
Range To: 300
Default Value: 20
Registry Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\
Registry Value Name: ClusteringKeepAliveTime
Default Registry Data: None (value not present in registry by default)
Registry Value Data Type: DWORD
Help/Comment: The number of seconds between TCP KeepAlive packets.
KeepAlive Packets are sent to the Cluster Server to validate the cluster
connection. A value of zero will disable KeepAlive packets. The default
value is 20 seconds. To disable the keep alive packets, set the Cluster
Connection Validation Interval to 0.

If the Cluster Keep Alive packets are not sent to the server, the server
sends a keep alive packet to the workstation, causing the workstation to
resets the connection since it thinks that the cluster has failed over and
that no longer has a valid connection to the cluster resource.

This setting is beneficial since when a failover occurs, the Serer hosting
the cluster volume changes and the Client must reconnect to the cluster
resource on the new server. Without this setting, this reconnection takes
place when the user attempts to connect to the resource (mapped drive). This
can result in a delay while the reconnection process takes place. Also, the
user may be presented a potentially confusing error message. With this
setting, the reconnection occurs in the background, so the user does not see
an error message or experience a performance problem in the form of a delay
when accessing a failed-over resource.
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Does anyone have any experience of tweaking this value?