I was having a problem with a node so I decided to delete and readd it the
cluster. I followed these steps.

Left the cluster
Removed replicas
Removed NDS
Shut down server
Cleaned up objects in tree
Made sure objects cleared and tree was synced

Intalled OES SP2 (same name, ip, container)
Attached to ISCSI
Configure NCS

When I get to the point of configuring NCS it says it can't see the SBD. I
am able to run sbdutil -f and it shows the sbd. I also ran -v and it
showed a bunch of info. I can also see all the LUNs in NSSMU including the
SBD and the mirror. It still won't complete the install. If I let it
ignore it an try to start it, it outputs this error.

Starting Novell Cluster Services
not found.
ERROR: adminfs not loaded

Any help would be appreciated.