I am adding a third node to my cluster. I have an EMC Clarion CX300. Brocade
switches. NW6.5 sp3, I know I know. Patch it to sp5. This is more a LUN and
Navisphere question. My current two servers can see the sbd partition fine
and all the other luns. I have not let the new server see the sbd partition
or the other luns using Navisphere. At what point do I let the new server
see the LUNS. I can't put it in the cluster until it is able to see the sbd
partition, correct? I assume I let the server see the LUNS and it shouldn't
try to mount them automatically. Netware isn't as grabby as Windows. Once it
sees the sbd partition then start the nwdeploy process? Install it in the
current cluster and at that point it is now managed by the Cluster Services.