I am going to be deploying GW WebAcc (6.5) and I folder (2.1) on the same
cluster (1.8)

Now I have installed Ifolder and followed through the cluster configuration
and all is well.

Now in this documentation it gets you to runn Apache2 from the clustered
volume instaed of the sys volume and configrue some of the apache config
files to point to said volume.

Now, what I am concered about is that when I install GroupWise webacc it
will install to the sys volume, then try and run apache2 from the sys
volume, but under the ifoler cluster install, this is not what should

Now what I am considering and this is where I would like a wee bit of
advice, is whether I should consider running multiple instances of Apache2,
each load in their own separte adress space? Or even, just run the Ifolder
apache in it's own address space, and let apache run from the sys volume for

Or should I install a separate instance of Apache2 onto my GroupWise volume
and run this is it's own address space?

Or should I install WebAccess into the already clustered version of Apache
on the Ifolder volume?

Decissions, Decissions, Decissions!

Any help and advice appreciated

Live Long and Prosper.... Nanoo Nanoo ;-)